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Unformatted text preview: America and the Great America and the Great War Discuss the process of US involvement in World War I from its early claims of neutrality through the declaration, fighting and conclusion of the war. The Road to War The Road to War Collapse of European Peace Collapse of European Peace 1914 – Competing Alliances Anglo­German Rivalry June 28, 1914 – Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand Austria Hungary and Serbia Sarajevo, Bosnia Ignited Alliance System Triple Entente Triple Alliance Alliance System and War Alliance System and War Austria Hungary and Germany v. Serbia Serbia and Russia Germany v. Russia and France – invasion of Belgium Great Britain v. Germany By 1915 all Europe at War American Neutrality American Neutrality Wilson – “impartial in thought as well as deed” American Sympathies Pro­British Pro­German Propaganda American Economic Interests Naval Blockade Arsenal for Allies Preparedness v. Pacifism Preparedness v. Pacifism 1915 – Military Buildup 1916 – “He kept us out of war” January, 1917 – War for Democracy League of Nations “Peace without Victory” Document 33 Provocation Provocation Unrestricted Submarine Warfare Lusitania Zimmerman Telegram Russian Revolution – Alexander Kerensky War declared – April 6, 1917 Waging War Waging War American Naval Assistance American Naval Assistance American destroyers Escorts Anti­submarine mines in North Sea Dramatic Results ­­ April 1917 – Germans had sunk 900,000 tons; by December 350, 000 tons; by October 1918, 112,000 tons. Ground Force Relief Ground Force Relief War of Attrition Bolshevik Revolution V.I. Lenin Russian Withdrawal Selective Service Act – May 1917 – 3 million men Spring 1918 – November 1918 Fighting the War Fighting the War WWI and new technology Machine guns and high power artillery Trenches New weapons – Attack without Contact Logistics Airplanes Navy New Technology and Casualties “Total War” The Home Front The Home Front Organizing the US Economy for Organizing the US Economy for War $32 billion Liberty Bonds ­ $23 billion Taxes ­­ $10 billion Meeting the Needs of War 1916 – Council of National Defense Civilian Advisory Commission “War Boards” – War Industries Board (WIB) National War Labor Board The Search for Social The Search for Social Unity Committee on Public Information Committee on Public Information (CPI) George Creel Propaganda “Self­Censorship Anti­German sentiment Suppressing Dissent Suppressing Dissent Espionage Act 1917 Emma Goldman (Document 34) Eugene V. Debs Sabotage Act and Sedition Act US v. Spirit of ’76 Robert Goldstein “One hundred percent Americanism” Anti­German Sentiment Anti­German Sentiment What were the original names? Hot dogs Liberty meat Liberty cabbage Liberty pups Liberty measles ...
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