Lect. 6-1 - The Twenties A Conflict of Cultures Describe...

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The Twenties: A Conflict of Cultures Describe some of the modernizing trends of the 1920s brought about by the prosperity of the decade. Analyze the ways in which change lead to a clash between traditional values/ customs and the new modern secular culture. 1. Prosperity a. Statistics i. Manufacturing – up 60% ii. Per Capita Income – up 33% 2. Technology a. Industrial Machinery b. Automobile i. Car sales 1. 1921 1.5 million 2. 1929 5 million ii. Model T. - $300 iii. 1 car for every 5 families c. Radio - 1920 d. Motion Pictures – “talkies” e. Appliances 3. Consumerism a. Convenience and Pleasure Items i. Electric refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, cigarettes, cosmetics, mass-produced clothes, cars b. Advertising c. Conspicuous Consumption 4. Communication/ Mass Culture a. National Chain Newspapers b. Mass-Circulation Magazines i. Colliers, Ladies’ Home Journal, Saturday Evening Post, Time, Reader’s digest c. Movies i. Attendance – 100 million/week (population was ~150mil) d. Radio i. KDKA, Pittsburg, 1920 ii. NBC – 1927 iii. Covered sports, sit-com’s, political speeches etc… iv. By 1929 – 12 million families owned 5. Car Culture a. Prosperity b. Service Industries
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Lect. 6-1 - The Twenties A Conflict of Cultures Describe...

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