Lect. 3-1 - American Expansionism Discuss the factors that...

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American Expansionism Discuss the factors that led to American overseas expansion in the late 19th century. How was the United States drawn into formal imperialism and what were some of the problems that arose with the acquisition of colonies? After abandoning formal imperialism, what were some of the other ways the United States exerted influence in the world? 1. Stirrings of Imperialism 2. Three Important Domestic Trends a. Industrial Expansion b. Western Settlement c. Growth of Federal Government 3. Industrial Expansion a. US Production and Consumption i. Too many goods for Americans to buy them all b. World Markets i. Where we ship surplus goods, so that we don’t lose $ c. Competition with European Powers i. Euro nations were still practicing imperialism and forcing colonies to buy goods only from mother country; U.S. doesn’t have colonies though, so we are at a bit of a disadvantage. 4. Western Settlement a. Agricultural Surplus i. More farmers settling in Great Plains and producing lots of food b. “Closing of the Frontier” – Frederick Jackson Turner i. Might have a decline of democracy because there might not be some “new place” to go. c. Manifest Destiny i. Very little more to expand to. d. Experience with Native Americans i. The US form of imperialism ii. People are opposed to treating more ppl like this, which leads US away from imperialistic forms of government 5. Growth of Federal Government a. Government - increasingly involved in economic matters i. Tariff policies ii. Economic regulation within nation iii. Should also protect overseas investment/ funds b. William Everetts i. Secretary of State 1877-1881 ii. “Report on the Commercial Relations of the United States” 1. Gov. needs to protect overseas money ventures c. Pork Diplomacy - 1880s i. Amer. Farmers stat shipping pigs to Germany & France, but those countries didn’t want our pigs outselling home-grown livestock;
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Lect. 3-1 - American Expansionism Discuss the factors that...

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