Lect. 4-1 - America and the Great War Discuss the process...

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America and the Great War Discuss the process of US involvement in World War I from its early claims of neutrality through the declaration, fighting and conclusion of the war. 1. The Road to War a. Influenced by Euro. Wars for power, land and money 2. Collapse of European Peace a. 1914 – Competing Alliances i. Triple Entente “Allied Powers” The “good guys” 1. Loose agreement, not very open ii. Triple Alliance “Central Powers” The “bad guys” 1. Official alliance 2. Italy does not end up joining the Central Powers, and eventually allies with the Allied Powers b. Anglo-German Rivalry i. War is primarily between Britain and Germany 1. Both competing to be the “best” nation 2. However, these Euro nations are “colonial” nations, so when they go to war, the colonies fight with each other across the world as well. c. The Spark of The War: June 28, 1914 – Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand i. Austria Hungary and Serbia ii. Sarajevo, Bosnia iii. Killed by Black Hand (Serbian Nationalists) iv. Ignited Alliance System 3. Alliance System and War a. Austria Hungary and Germany v. Serbia b. Serbia and Russia enter in on the side of the Allies against Austria, Hungary, Germany c. Germany v. Russia and France – invasion of Belgium (Nation between Germany and France) d. Great Britain v. Germany (Because of invasion of Belgium) e. By 1915 all Europe at War 4. American Neutrality (not getting involved) a. Wilson – “impartial in thought as well as deed” b. American Sympathies c. Pro-British (Most of the American Nation was on this side) d. Pro-German (German & Irish immigrants –Irish because they hate Brits- e. Propaganda f. American Economic Interests i. War harmed our trade with all nations g. Naval Blockade i. From most of all nations h. Arsenal for Allies
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i. We basically stop trading w/ Germany, and continue trading w/ Britain
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Lect. 4-1 - America and the Great War Discuss the process...

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