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Unformatted text preview: The New Deal The New Deal Discuss the evolution of New Deal reforms from the First New Deal to the Second New Deal. What were some of the limits and legacies of the New Deal? FDR FDR ► Franklin Delano Roosevelt – Democrat ► 12 Years President ► Altered Federal Government and Relationship to Society Restoring Confidence Restoring Confidence ► Personality ► Inaugural – March 1933 ►Promise of Action ►“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” ► Radio and Fireside Chats ►Explained Programs ►Public Conference ► Informal Press Conferences Launching the New Deal – “Hundred Launching the New Deal – “Hundred Days” ► “Bank Holiday” – March 5, 1933 ► Emergency Banking Act ► Economy Act ► Prohibition Repealed Do something. And when you have done something, if it works, do it some more. And if it does not work, then do something else. ­­ FDR First New Deal – 1933­1935 First New Deal – 1933­1935 Relief ► Agricultural Adjustment – ► Industrial Recovery – ► Federal Public Relief Agricultural Adjustment Act ­ AAA National Recovery Administration ­ NRA Federal Emergency Relief Administration – FERA Work Relief ► Civil Works Administration – CWA ► Civilian Conservation Corps ­ CCC Critics of the New Deal Critics of the New Deal ► American Liberty League ► Far Left Criticisms ► Francis E. Townsend ► Charles E. Coughlin Elderly and Federal Pensions National Union for Social Justice Monetary Reforms Louisiana Governor/ Senator “Share Our Wealth” Plan ► Huey P. Long Second New Deal – 1935­7 Second New Deal – 1935­7 Reform ► From Relief to Reform ► Holding Company Act Less appeasing to Big Business Tax Reform Labor Rights ► Higher, More Progressive ► Wagner Act Welfare State ► National Labor Relations Board ­ NLRB ► Social Security Act ► Works Progress Administration ­ WPA Election of 1936 Election of 1936 ► “Referendum” ► Strengthening of Democratic Party ► But Increasing Difficulties of FDR with New Rise of the “New Deal Order” Deal Agenda New Deal in Disarray New Deal in Disarray ► “Court Packing” Controversy, February 1937 ► “Roosevelt Recession” of 1937 ► 1938 – New Deal essentially at end Congressional Opposition International Crisis New Deal Limits and Legacies New Deal Limits and Legacies ► Failed to revive American Economy ► BUT ► Hope and Security Political Impact Impact on Labor Economic Impact Democratic Party Impact Reform ...
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