Review (Test 3)

Review (Test 3) - Disappointment w Versailles treaty...

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Disappointment w/ Versailles treaty; Germany was worst off, b/c had 2 pay reparations Lots of militaristic mindset ; didn’t want to be communist though Move as fast as possible, b4 Brit. & France can react ; Took Denmark, Norway, France falls (1940); Invaded Soviet Union 1941 (almost made it to Moscow, but Russian winter decimated troops) Nazi-Soviet Pact 1939 (nonaggression) ; knew that the Soviet Union was very big & had lots of soldiers (Hitler didn’t want to fight them) Made a deal that he would take Poland, cut it in ½ and give ½ of it to Soviet (made it a 1 front war for Germany, b/c he doesn’t have to focus on Soviets) Trying to bring more Mexican-amer workers 2 fill jobs during war & they start to settle in industrial areas LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) Could remove Jap citizens from “military areas” (anywhere ppl felt unsafe w/ Japs) to “exclusion zones” (basically desolate areas in deserts of Arizona) Internment Camps (could get out of the camps if you were a student or working in some way FOR the US gov. Didn’t target any Hawaiians (1/3 Jap. pop.) b/c they were the workforce there World is currently divided w/ 2 ways of life: communism & democracy (we must prevent communism) Provided aid for those “resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures” (helped implement containment) USSR had tried to take Turkey/Greece when Britain pulled out of those colonies One of the most successful post-war policies (last time we had required ppl to pay ea. Other back after war, it led to WWII.) Offered to every Euro nation (other than Russia, b/c they didn’t want our $) $12bil over 3yrs; primarily used to prevent spread of communism, b/c Euro nations get back on their
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Review (Test 3) - Disappointment w Versailles treaty...

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