1-1 - World War II: The Road to War Describe some of the...

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World War II: The Road to War Describe some of the conditions that led to the rise of Fascism in Europe following World War I. How did the rise of Fascism eventually lead to World War II? Discuss the specific sequence of events that brought the United States into World War II. 1. Totalitarianism a. The State over the Individual b. Nationalistic c. Militaristic d. Stamped out Opposition e. One Political Party f. Dictator g. Fascist and Communist Totalitarian States i. Communism has deep roots of communalism (18 th century idea); fascism is more of a 20 th century idea that arose directly out of economic issues. People would do what the leaders said, or they would die. h. All lacked Democratic Tradition 2. 3. Fascism on the Rise a. Economic Crisis i. Why the idea of fascism rose b. Political Unrest i. Primarily due to a distressed public (due to depression) c. Disappointment with Versailles i. Germany was the worst off, because they had to pay the reparations d. Militarism & Nationalism
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i. Lots of military strength and idealism still remaining after being at war for so long e. Opposition to Communism i. Went to fascism, due to fear of the communist theory 4. Fascist Italy a. Post-war Italy b. Economic Difficulties c. Socialism and Domestic Discontent i. He was “saving Italy from communism” d. i. Wanted to fight war, to unify country against another power (so they wouldn’t fight against themselves) e. “Black Shirts” --- “Believe, Obey, Fight” i. Group of war veterans who want to regain their country’s pride 5. Rise of Nazi Germany a. Postwar Germany b. Reparations and War Blame c. Failures of Weimar Republic i. This form of government, established after the war, failed to get Germany back on track. d. Hyperinflation i. Pre-WWI -- $1=1 mark ii. 1921 -- $1 = 100 marks iii. 1922 -- $1 = $6500 marks iv. January 1923 -- $1 = $40,000 marks v. August 1923 -- $1 = millions of marks vi. October 1923 -- $1 – trillions of marks vii. October 23, 1923 – Repudiation of debt 6. Nazi Germany
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1-1 - World War II: The Road to War Describe some of the...

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