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8-2 - He wasn’t necessarily the most democratic person...

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1. Jimmy Carter a. 1976 Election b. “Outsider” i. “Peanut farmer” ii. Was actually a nuclear engineer 2. Humanitarian Concerns (under Carter) a. “Human Rights” over “Selfish Interests” i. Ran on Human rights b. Panama Canal Treaties i. Return it to the nation of Panama c. i. Camp David Talks – 1978 1. Worked out a peace treaty, when nobody else was able to d. Critique of Soviet Union i. Relationship w/ Soviet Union deteriorates again; speaks out against their humanitarian policies 3. Economic Problems (horrible economy) a. Stagflation i. Inflation + Stagflation (Inflation of prices, without any higher wages) b. Gasoline Crisis i. We become more aware of how dependant US is on the Middle East ii. Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries – OPEC 1. Basically get to price-fix so that they can make what they want on their bottom line. 4. Hostage Crisis 1979-80 (biggest problem during Carter’s presidency) a. 1979 Shah of Iran deposed i. Had been propped up by the US, and wanted to modernize Iran 1.
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Unformatted text preview: He wasn’t necessarily the most democratic person though b. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini Takes control i. Shah fled from Iran and came to the US, because he needs treatment for cancer ii. Ayatollah demands that the US send the Shah back to Iran (so that they can try and eventually execute him), but we don’t c. 52 Hostages – American Embassy – Teheran d. 444 Days i. Hurt his presidential standing, as well as the confidence of the US citizen 5. Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan (wanted to make Afgh. Communistic) a. Embargo on grains to Russia (trying to make them give in) b. Boycott of Moscow Olympics – 1980 i. US athletes were barred from being allowed to go to the Olympics c. End of détente 6. 1980 – “Reagan Revolution” (ppl were rdy for something new) a. Ronald Reagan (Republican) i. A very confident American (wanted to impress upon the Americans that the US would be the “good guys”) b. Rise of the “New Right”...
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8-2 - He wasn’t necessarily the most democratic person...

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