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Unformatted text preview: The Cold War Explain the meaning of the doctrine of Explain containment. Discuss the ways in which the United States attempted to implement that doctrine in the two decades after World War II. World Communism v. Capitalism s Communism x x Karl Marx V. I. Lenin Wilsonian Vision Stalin’s Vision Communism v. Capitalism Authoritarianism v. Democracy s Post-WWI Post-WWI x x s Post-WWII Post-WWII x x Early Cold War Presidents Harry S. Truman (1945-1952) s Dwight D. Eisenhower (1952-60) s John F. Kennedy (1960-63) s WWII - Winning the Peace s Yalta Conference, Yalta 1945 1945 x The United Nations General Assembly 3 Security Counsel 3 x Germany Divided x Poland WWII - Winning the Peace s s Postwar Europe Berlin Crisis The Iron Curtain s Three Speeches (1946-7) x Joseph Stalin Joseph February 9, 1946 - Moscow 3 Spread of Communism 3 x Winston Churchill Winston March 5, 1946 – Fulton, Missouri 3 “Iron Curtain” 3 x Harry S. Truman Harry March 12, 1947 3 Truman Doctrine 3 The Truman Doctrine and Containment s The Truman Doctrine x Turkey & Greece x Aid for those “resisting attempted subjugation Aid by armed minorities or by outside pressures” by s Containment Containment x George F. Kennan x “Long Telegram” Moscow, 1946 Economic Aid s Marshall Plan – 1947 x Secretary of State George C. Marshall x Economic Cooperation Administration s Reconstructing Japan x General Douglas MacArthur x Democracy & Capitalism National Security Act - 1947 Department of Defense s National Security Counsel (NSC) s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) s Conflict over Germany West Germany s Blockade and Berlin Airlift s NATO – North Atlantic Treaty NATO Organization - 1949 Organization s Atomic Diplomacy Hiroshima & Nagasaki s The Baruch Plan s x Bernard Baruch 1949 – Soviet Atomic Capability s The H-Bomb – 1952 & 53 s Mutual Assured Destruction s NSC - 68 s National Security Counsel Report, 1950 x Escalating Sense of Crisis Atomic Diplomacy 3 Communist China 3 x Expansion of Containment x Expansion of US Military Police Action in Korea s s s Communist China Communist Mao Tse Tung - 1949 Mao Divided Peninsula Divided 38th parallel 38th Communist Invasion – Communist June 1950 June Police Action in Korea s s UN Police Action Stalemate Settlement in Korea Containment V. Total War s Truman V. Douglas MacArthur s Negotiations for Peace s x Demilitarized zone x POWs Domestic Anxieties about Communism Stalinist Threat s Korea s Communist China s Atomic Warfare s Partisan Politics s Containment at Home Mid-Forties through Mid-Fifties s The Search for Subversives s The Second Red Scare House Un-American Activities Committee House (HUAC) - 1947 (HUAC) s Alger Hiss Trial s x Whittaker Chambers x Pumpkin Papers x Richard M Nixon The Second Red Scare Federal Loyalty Program - 1947 s Rooting Out Spies s x FBI – J Edgar Hoover x Julius & Ethel Rosenberg x Klaus Fuchs The Second Red Scare s McCarthyism x Joseph McCarthy x 1950 – Wheeling WV x Accusations against State Department x 1952 – Senate investigations x Accusations against Military JFK & the Cold War (1960-63) s Space Race - Sputnik & the New Frontier x October 4, 1957 s The Peace Corps & The Green Berets JFK & the Cold War (1960-63) s s s s Bay of Pigs Nikita Khrushchev Berlin Wall Cuban Missile Crisis JFK & the Cold War s Vietnam & the Vietnam Domino Theory Domino x x x x Ho Chi Minh – Ho Vietminh Vietminh 17th Parallel Ngo Dinh Diem National Liberation National Front Front ...
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