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Unformatted text preview: The “Other America” & Liberal Reform Reform What were the central elements of the What Great Society programs? Why was Johnson able to succeed in enacting reforms where Kennedy failed? What were the long-term results of the liberal legislation of 1964-66? legislation The Election of 1960 The Richard Richard Nixon Nixon John F. John Kennedy (JFK) (JFK) “New Politics” Televised Televised Debates Debates “The Other America” Michael Harrington, Michael 1962 1962 Rural Poverty Urban “Ghettoes” Declining Opportunities Declining for Unskilled Workers for John F. Kennedy- “New Frontier” John Cold War Civil Rights Education Economic Opportunity Lack of Electoral “Mandate” November 22, 1963 November Assassination Lee Harvey Lee Oswald Oswald Jack Ruby Warren Warren Commission Commission LBJ LBJ LBJ and the Great Society LBJ Assault on Poverty – Medicare and Medicaid – The Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) Department of Housing and Urban Department Development Development Federal Aid to Education – Elementary & Secondary Education Act, 1965 Immigration Act of 1965 Legacies of the Great Society Legacies Federal Spending Failures & Achievements ...
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