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PP09ReaganEra - The “Reagan Revolution” and the End of...

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Unformatted text preview: The “Reagan Revolution” and the End of the Cold War War Discuss the social, economic, and diplomatic shifts that occurred in the United States during the Reagan Era Rise of the “New Right” Rise Demographic Shifts and Opposition to Federal Regulation – The Sunbelt – “Sagebrush Rebellion” Rise of the “New Right” Rise Religious Revivalism – Evangelicism – Traditional Values – Abortion Issue – “Religious Right” – late 70s Jerry Falwell, “Moral Majority” Pat Robertson, “Christian Coalition” Rise of the “New Right” Rise Organizational Advances – 1964 Election – Barry Goldwater Think Tanks etc. Grassroots Community Organizations Ronald Reagan v. “Rockefeller Republicans” Tax Revolt – Proposition 13 “Reagan Revolution” Republican wins Reagan Coalition – “New Right” – Free Market Conservatives – Neo­Conservatives (“neocons”) – Populist Conservatives Reagan’s Economic Policies Reagan’s “Reaganomics” – Supply­side Economics Tax Cuts Deregulation 1982 & 83 Recession & Recovery Reagan and the World Reagan USSR – “Evil Empire” Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) – “Star Wars” Reagan Doctrine – Grenada – El Salvador – Nicaragua “Contras” “Sandinistas” Terrorism America and Waning of the Cold War War Election of 1984 Mikhail Gorbachev – 1985 Glasnost 1989 Democracy Movements Eastern Europe China – Tiananmen Perestroika 1991 – USSR collapse Square 1988 Election 1988 George H W Bush “New World Order” ...
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