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Unformatted text preview: The Vietnam Era The Explain the origins and conduct of Explain American involvement in Vietnam. Assess the relationship between events in Vietnam and domestic affairs. events Vietnam – Post WWII Vietnam French French Colony Occupied by Japan Occupied Ho Chi Minh – Ho Nationalist Movement Nationalist 1954 – French 1954 withdrawal withdrawal Geneva Accords Geneva July 1954 17th Parallel War War 1956 – Ngo Dinh Diem 1960 – Vietnam War National Liberation Front (NLF) Vietminh Vietcong in South Diem’s NLF Downfall influence 1963 – Buddhist protests Coup American Intervention American American Advisors Gulf of Tonkin Resolution – August 1964 American Troops American Strategy American Attrition & Pacification Relocation Opposition to War Opposition Demoralized 365 Troops Days Drugs “Fragging” Late 60s – Protest Resistance Anti-war Draft Journalists – “New Journalism” Cost of War 1968 1968 Political Turmoil Tet Offensive Tet January 31, 1968 Television April 4, 1968 - Memphis James Earl Ray Race Riots LBJ Withdrawal 1968 Democratic Primaries MLK Assassination RFK, Eugene McCarthy, RFK, Hubert Humphrey Hubert RFK Assassination June 1968 – California Sirhan Sirhan Chicago Democratic Chicago Convention Convention Youth Culture and The “New Left” Youth Student Movements Antiwar Protests & Draft Resistance Counterculture “Generation Gap” Mobilization of Minorities Conservative Backlash Conservative Vietnam Protest & Turbulence of 1968 Richard Nixon – 1968 “Silent Majority” Nixon and Vietnam Nixon Stability at Home and Abroad Resolve Vietnamese Stalemate Resolve Vietnamization Cambodia and Laos Protest Renewed Invasion of Cambodia Repeal of Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, 1970 Pentagon Papers Published, 1971 “Peace with Honor” 1973 – American Withdrawal 1975 – Communist Victory Oppressive Hanoi Government Economic Problems Economic “Boat People” Khmer Rouge – Cambodia Impact on US Impact Cost in Money and Lives Disillusionment & Blow to Confidence Vietnam Syndrome ...
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