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Unformatted text preview: Watergate & the Crisis of Confidence Confidence How did the events of the 1970s bring How about a “crisis of confidence” in the American people and its government? American Richard Nixon’s Presidency Richard 1968 Election Richard Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew Spiro Vietnam; Vietnam; Counterculture; Protest Protest “Silent Majority” Richard Nixon’s Presidency Richard Diplomacy Vietnam China Soviet Soviet Domestic Policy 1972 Reelection George McGovern - Dem Dem Union Détente Arms Reduction July 17, 1972 Watergate Democratic Democratic National Committee – Watergate Office Bldg Bldg “Plumbers” Committee for the Committee Reelection of the President (CREEP) President Washington Robert Robert Post Woodward and Carl Bernstein and Watergate Scandals Watergate Abuses of Power The “Cover Up” Watergate Tapes Resignation -1974 Spiro Agnew Gerald Ford Historians and the Legacy of Watergate Watergate Inherent Corruption of Office Environment of 60s and 70s Personality of Richard Nixon Legacy of Cynicism Legacy Jimmy Carter Jimmy 1976 Election “Outsider” Humanitarian Concerns Humanitarian “Human Rights” over “Selfish Interests” Panama Canal Treaties Egypt & Israel Camp David Talks – 1978 Critique of Soviet Union Economic Problems Economic Stagflation Gasoline Crisis Organization Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries – OPEC Countries Hostage Crisis 1979-80 Hostage 1979 1979 Shah of Iran deposed deposed Ayatollah Ruhollah Ayatollah Khomeini Khomeini 52 Hostages – American Embassy – Teheran Teheran 444 Days Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan Soviet Embargo Boycott Boycott of Moscow Olympics – 1980 Olympics End of détente 1980 – “Reagan Revolution” 1980 Ronald Reagan Rise of the “New Rise Right” Right” ...
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