Bacterial Conjugation QUIZ2

Bacterial Conjugation QUIZ2 - Your Answer excised of its...

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1. During bacterial conjugation, the transferred item is a: Your Answer: plasmid. Eukaryotes do not appear to have them. 2. At the end of conjugation: Your Answer: one cell has lost a plasmid, while the other has gained one. Correct Answer: one cell has given a copy of a plasmid to another, while keeping one copy for itself. Both end up with a plasmid. 3. A hollow _________ arises from one cell, then makes contact with the other, fusing with its cell membrane to form a conjugation bridge. Your Answer: flagellum Correct Answer: pilus A flagellum is a cellular structure used in locomotion. 4. During conjugation, the sex pilus arises from: Your Answer: the recipient cell. Correct Answer: the donor cell. Surprisingly, it does not "seek" to obtain new genes. 5. The recipient cell receives a ________ plasmid. Your Answer: double-stranded (with introns removed) Correct Answer: single-stranded Plasmids do not have introns. 6. After the plasmid is transferred, it must be:
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Unformatted text preview: Your Answer: excised of its exons. Correct Answer: replicated to form double-stranded DNA. Plasmids do not have exons. 7. The recipient bacterium ends up with some new genes, which may endow it with new capabilities, such as: Your Answer: the ability to undergo meiosis. Correct Answer: the ability to resist antibiotics. Prokaryotes are incapable of meiosis. 8. Sexual reproduction performed by eukaryotes is similar to bacterial conjugation because: Your Answer: genetic variability increases. Correct. 9. While some new genes on the plasmid may be novel, endowing the bacterium with new abilities, others may simply be: Your Answer: alleles of genes found on the main chromosome. In this way, the bacterium may be better adapted to different circumstances. 10. The conjugation bridge is composed of: Your Answer: a villus. Correct Answer: cell membrane. A villus is a multicellular structure....
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Bacterial Conjugation QUIZ2 - Your Answer excised of its...

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