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Audesirk, Biology: Life on Earth 8e Chapter 1 An Introduction to Life on Earth STEMS 1) The group of organisms that inhabit the most inhospitable on Earth are included in the 2) Single-celled organisms that lack a nucleus are _________, and belong to the two domains ________ and ________. 3) The organization of living things from smallest to largest is 4). Descent with modification from pre-existing forms is the definition of 5) Genes are 6) The concept of evolution is based upon 7) A mutation is defined as 8) An example of evolution would NOT include 9) The most accurate meaning of the term evolution is 10) Which of the following are examples of adaptations? 11) Organisms which have low rates of mutation will also have limited ability to 12) The factor most responsible for accelerating the rate of extinction of organisms today is 13) Which of the following would NOT be included in a description of all living things? 14) Membrane-bound organelles are
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