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Hindu trinity= Vishnu, shiva, and brahma Different aspects of the trinity and is a distinct threefold nature Each god in the hindu trinity has his own consort. Most important of these is lakshmi, the goddess of love, beauty, and delight. Lakshmi is also the consort of Vishnu. While Hinduism acceptd many gods as deities, there is only one god who is recognized as the supreme being. According to hindu tradition, brahma, shiva, and Vishnu are three different gods that together make up the supreme being. Yet these three gods also take part in the processes of creation, destruction, and the preservation of life. In the same way, there are other gods in the hindu religion that are different aspects of the supreme being, and each of these gods and goddesses manifest themselves as having different purposes. Paramatman is the supreme self or god. The hindu god Vishnu is manifested in different forms called avatars. These avatars embody human and animal forms, possessing great supernatural powers. It is important for one to understand that these avatars are the earthly form of the god
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