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Notes on the Death of Ivan Ilych Chapter 1: Those left behind. Pyotr Ivanovich: the friend. He represents Ivan’s attitude towards death (and that of high society) He can’t face death: at first Ivan’s death terrifies him, but then he decides ‘death is an accident natural to Ivan Ilych but certainly not to himself.’ Death is an inconvenience. Praskovya Fyodorovna: the wife Simply feels sorry for her self, her financial state. Again the falseness of ‘propriety’ and appearances Gerasim: the peasant servant Applies death to himself: ‘We all have to die someday.’ Note the contrast in his teeth: symbolizing full health. ‘Like a man in the thick of urgent work… he sprang back to the porch as if in readiness for what he had to do next.’ Chapters 2 and 3: A ‘Proper’ Life Obsession with social appearances: note words like ‘duty’, ‘respectable’. He even marries out of ‘propriety’. Society palliates conscience: ‘It was all done with clean hands, in clean linen, with French phrases, and above all among people of the best society.’ Two pursuits: career and cards Both are portrayed as diversions: his interest in his job involves money and social advancement, rather than justice. His pleasures are ‘ambition… vanity… bridge’. Never achieves complete ‘success’: so career remains a diversion. Ivan the Judge
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plugin-ivan%20ilych%20handout - Notes on the Death of Ivan...

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