WS exam 1 review

WS exam 1 review - WS exam 1 review What is feminism?...

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WS exam 1 review What is feminism? Androcentrism- male centered, man is normative Patriarchy- men are advantaged Gender stratification- different layers, nature of patriarchy Womens human rights percpective- every human being deserves certain rights WAC ch 1 Ethnocentrism Women’s suffrage 19 th amendment passed in 1920, gave women right to vote Seneca falls convention, 1848 Key people Carrie chapman catt- got women right to vote Sojourner truth- Betty Friedan- author of the feminine mystique (women’s roles in society), on set of second wave Waves of feminism 1 st wave Seneca Falls Cross cultural feminism Ethnocentrism Transnational feminism- things that unite us Global feminism- differences Other terms Patrilineal Matrilineal What does a feminist look like? - Everyone and anyone Why do people not want to be labeled as a feminist? WAC ch 2 How do women have lower status and power compared to men? Economic Social Political What are the causes? Son preference Sex selective abortion Femicide / female infanticide Women as property Dowry Brideprice Sexual violence against women Rape War rape Military sexploitation Gendered division of labor Gender roles Gender stereotypes
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Private vs. public spheres Private use value- labor doesn’t get paid, cleaning cooking Exchange value Gender wage gap Intersections of identity sex- males and females, biological apparatus gender- feminity and masculinity, women and men, boys and girls - the meanings attached to sex differences within culture
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WS exam 1 review - WS exam 1 review What is feminism?...

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