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review for exam 2

review for exam 2 - Women and religion 3 critiques Feminist...

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Women and religion 3 critiques Feminist critiques of patriarchal religions o Masculine god language Puts males closer to god o Sexism in religious texts and their interpretations Can interpret as literal, allegorical, historical o Sex segregated worship and leadership practices Women priests and rabbis\ 4 levels of androcentrism in religion Historical o Religious leaders decide what’s said No preservation o Omitting of women’s stories Western scholarship o Not good at documenting women’s role Religions today o Many religions today are still very andocentric 2 ways reformist purpose to change them How do we remain in these traditions, but make them less patriarchal? Can either start new religion, or attempt to reform structure Vocabulary Feminist theology- study of religious doctrines with feminist view Pos view- reform and reconstruction Neg view- critique of and struggle against the oppression of women
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  • Spring '07
  • Bado-Fralick
  • leadership practices Women, private family Sexuality, marriage agreement Sexuality, feminist view Pos, structure Vocabulary Feminist

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