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music notes exam 2 - Music 102 Intro to music listening...

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Music 102 Intro to music listening Exam 2: chapters 4-6 Chapter 4: meter Meter- regular pattern of accents and unaccented beats Measure of bar- one unit of a pattern Bar line- vertical lines separating meters Duple meter- two beat meter Triple meter- three beat meter Quadruple meter- four beat meter Simple division- beat divided into two equal parts Compound division- beat divided into three or more equal parts Klezmer- Yiddish meaning instruments and song Yiddish- language spoken by Jews in eastern Europe Hankus Netsky Isa Kremer Judy Bressler Klezmer music- eastern European, dance/ celebration music Klezmorim- performers Ashkenazi Jews- eastern European Common klezmer instruments Violin (fiddle), flute, bass, tsimbi (hammered dulcimer) Clarinet, accordion, trumpet, tuba, drums Strohfiedel (folk xylophone with straw as resonator) Itzhak Perlman- in the fiddlers house (brave old world) (klezmer conservatory band) Klezmer music characteristic Primary celebration music, duple sometimes Second genre: Donia (often serving as intro) (like drum roll at end of rock concert) Characteristic sounds “wailing sound- weeping” “laugh- like sound” “sob like catch” Chapter 5: polyrhythm Polyrhythm- many rhythms Percussion- instruments sounded by being struck Idiophones- sound by vibrations, struck with beater, scraped, shaken, Membranophones- sound by vibrations of stretched skin or membrane, typically struck with a stick or hand West African Idiophones Agogo or gong-gongs – hollow metal instruments that are stuck with a stick (like a bell without the clapper) in pair the higher sound is referred to as male and the lower as female Xylophones – wooden bars in various sizes struck with a beater, resonates to amplify sound Rattles- gourd, wood or metal Shakere- like rattle but beads on outside attached with string Membranophones- also called drum Talking drums- used to communicate over distances Tones- relative pitch
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Sub-Saharan Africa divided into West Africa, Congo- Zaire, South Africa, and Zimbabwe Talking drums associated with magic and myth, often hidden away and only transported
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music notes exam 2 - Music 102 Intro to music listening...

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