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geo lab notes 2 - Geology 100L notes Lab 3 mineral...

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Geology 100L notes Lab 3 mineral properties, uses, and identification and mineral drawings Pg 47-76 Minerals- inorganic, naturally occurring substances that have a characteristic chemical composition, distinctive physical properties, and crystalline structure Rock - aggregates of one or more minerals Industrial minerals- main minerals used to manufacture physical materials in industrialize world Biochemical minerals- manufactured by organisms EX) aragonite- made by clams Properties Crystal habit- shape or character of crystals Cleavage-tendency of minerals to break along distinct planes in their crystal structure; breaks occur where bonds are weakest or fewest, breaks into parallel surfaces like sliced loaf of bread Basal cleavage- cleavage in mica Conchoidal fracture- (like rock in a windshield) quarts Straitions- parallel lines Fracture- when a mineral has uniform strength in all directions or no planes with weak bonds or few bonds, it will break along rough, irregular surfaces Hardness-
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geo lab notes 2 - Geology 100L notes Lab 3 mineral...

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