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Sociology notes 10-15 - Sociology Notes 10-15 Key...

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Sociology Notes 10-15 Key Terms- Sociobiology Socialization Looking Glass Self Role-taking Preparatory, play, game Pragmatism Significant others “I” “Me” “Generalized other” Sociobiology- The idea or particular branch of sociology that looks at the relationship between certain biological, physiological, and genetic influences on social behavior. Ex: Saying that black people are genetically disposed to play basketball but “a white man can’t jump” Natural Social Raw cooked Atavistic Stigmata- set of characteristics especially with skin and face that says how a person might behave in the criminal sense ex: large forehead, brown eyes, kinky hair, and brown skin. These features indicated a criminal. THERE IS NO SCIENTIFIC STUDY THAT MAKES THIS TRUE. A lot of people think that this is true but it has never been proven. The only connection between nature and who we are is that in order to survive must be social. We are genetically predisposed towards socially. What drives us more than anything is the desire for contact and social relationships. When your born you are cooked. Socialization- The process of transforming of biological being into a social one. The way we survive. Occurs throughout life. Ongoing process by which we become a person. It is a lot easier to explain behavior with genetics Pragmatism- Only true genuine American philosophy. Something that works. Looks at human behavior based on what works. Empirically based philosophy. A philosophy that can be observed. Cooley and Mead wanted to know exactly how an individual gets socialized. They wanted to know how we establish a self. They both observed children Cooley came up with the Looking Glass Self or a mirror self. Is a metaphor on how individuals reflect upon others perceptions of them. Is my behavior is my dress is my posture appropriate for how others will view you. Mead viewed people as: “I”= The subject the preparatory stage (in this stage you imitate the people around you, the person learns to perceive and develops very early on) of development is where the I is developed. Your “I” judges your “me” I look good in this outfit “Me”= develops in the play stage (people learn to see themselves as objects) is the object you are the object you perceive “Generalized other”= understanding of the rules and understanding of everyone else’s responsibilities and understanding your own responsibilities. It’s like an imaginary
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audience. October 17, 2007 Looking glass self- What you are is how you perceive how others perceive you. Ex: How you imagine someone sees you. It doesn’t matter if its right or not. I could perceive that someone thinks I’m a stunningly, beautiful girl when in actuality they hate me. It is just how I think they perceive me. Sociobiology- a section of sociology
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Sociology notes 10-15 - Sociology Notes 10-15 Key...

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