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COMM88 - 0423 - COMM 88 Sampling 4/23/2009 Assessing...

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COMM 88 – Sampling 4/23/2009 Assessing Reliability – data is useless unless we can rely on it - Inter item reliability - Administer items more than once (test, retest) - Look at internal consistency of items in a scale/index (Cronback’s alpha) - Trustworthiness and honesty scores should be about the same, if they are on both ends of the scale, there’s something wrong - Intra observers (intra-coder) reliability - Compare multiple observations of same coder - If you have a coder, you probably don’t have to inter item reliability Validity of Measurement – we also want our measurements to be valid. Changes in terms of what kind of validity you’re talking about. Surveys are better for external validity. A specific kind of validity of how good your measurements are. Separate from reliability - Are you really measuring the concept that you intend to be measuring? - So you measured them by height correctly, but use that to grade your class, but that’s not a valid measurement - Assessing validity: (textbook blurs these terms; use lecture notes only) - A lot more argument and convincing evolved - Face Validity : does your measurement have face validity? The measure looks or sounds good “on the face of it” How prejudiced are?.reliability? (they will fill out the same way every time) BUT there are different kinds of prejudice…People don’t want to admit to it even to themselves… HOW GOOD YOU THINK THE MEASUREMNT IS THEN TRY TO MAKE AN ARGUMENT FOR IT - Content Validity: the measure captures the full range of meanings/dimensions of the concept Separate prejudice and racisms You’re missing the whole other side of what credibility is if you only have expertise You can have a study about a scale to measure another study. There are whole kinds of studies to explain how easily get disgusted. You’ve got to measure all the different things of
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COMM88 - 0423 - COMM 88 Sampling 4/23/2009 Assessing...

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