Socolow Table

Socolow Table - occasionally ruled but this was a rare...

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Socolow Assignment: Comparing Women's Lives and Gender Roles Dave Dorey Iberian Indigenous African Warfare Women stayed at home during warfare, keeping the house. In addition, most warfare at this time was overseas. Men conducted warfare, women stayed at home. Men conducted warfare. Religion Catholic, stressing the importance of purity, as based on the example of the virgin Mary. Various among differing groups. Virgins were sacrificed, but rarely practiced temple service etc. Some women had extra power as the “medicine woman” but were generally excluded. Politics Women generally excluded, but most men were excluded as well. However, it was possible for widows to have extra influence. Women could rule as well, although it was rare, like Catherine. Women had the same basic legal rights as men. Elite women
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Unformatted text preview: occasionally ruled, but this was a rare occurrence. Rule was usually left to the men. Occasional women chiefs or co-rulers, but men mostly ruled. Sexuality Abstinence until marriage as specified by the church, although Spanish society often allowed for sex prior to marriage between unwed. Adultery highly frowned upon. Marriage very much arranged, often for political reasons. Premarital sexuality differed among groups: Incas yes, Aztecs no. FGM kept women from having sexual pleasure, ensured faithfulness. Agriculture Women helped out, but mostly stayed in the house. Varied. Mayan women did not participate, but Inca women helped in the fields, etc. Varied, but women were involved in agriculture often while men did the hunting. Women worked longer and harder than men....
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Socolow Table - occasionally ruled but this was a rare...

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