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Nicholas Gowings Professor Sutton COM-135(3:15-4:45) 13 February 2008 Chapter 4 Journal This chapter was perhaps my favorite one. There were a few different things I liked about it. But above all, My Big Fat Greek Wedding was the best part. It was almost as if the movie was made right out of chapter 4. It was the epitome of intercultural communication. Everything that happened in the movie seemed to go right along with chapter 4. I especially liked the father of Tula. He was about as ethnocentric as anyone could possibly be, and he was a great example. Another thing that caught my eye was a group exercise that we did in class, which involved one person in each group who was either born outside of the U.S., or they were not of Caucasian decent and knew a bit about their culture. This, at least for me, allowed me to
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Unformatted text preview: understand other cultures a little bit better. It bridged a “gap” interculturally if you will. I have only really ever been outside of America once, and that was to go to Afghanistan. Except there, I was in a situation where we kind of “pressed” our culture on them. Being fortunate enough to have such a diverse class in terms of ethnicity really helped me understand other cultures besides this one. I think that it is critical for this chapter to be early on in the textbook. It is a fundamental part of interpersonal communication, and since no two people are identical, you need to be other-oriented or culturally diverse to be able to effectively communicate with most people you will come across in your life. Here’s to hoping chapter 5 can be as influential and enjoying as this was!...
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