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Chapter 5 Question - being neglected he might make the...

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Nicholas Gowings Professor Sutton COM-135(T-TH3:15-4:45) 19 January 2008 Chapter 5 Question Response Question : Your roommate wants to tell you about his day. You are tired and really don’t want to hear all the details. Should you fake attention so that you won’t hurt his feelings, or simply tell your roommate you are tired and would rather not hear the details? Response : It would be in your best interest, and more importantly his, to be upfront and honest. In order for me to effectively answer this question, I would need to relate my feelings to the situation. Even though it seems that I am being blown off, or not being considered, I would much rather my roommate tell me that he is too tired to hear the details, than to give me false “consideration” and passively listen to how my day went. And to actually bridge the feeling of
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Unformatted text preview: being neglected, he might make the extra effort to ask about my day at a later time when he is not so tired. The previous day isn’t going to change from the time he goes to sleep until the time he wakes up anyway, so whenever he is ready to “listen”, I will be there to tell him. This particular situation is flexible in a way that you can handle it in any fashion, and still have the same outcome. However, in order to be other-oriented, you need to be able to assess whether or not you have the ability to empathize with another person at a certain time. It would be almost self-absorbed to fake the attention towards your roommate and passively listen to what he is saying. You are not only wasting your time, but more importantly, his time and effort to express his day to you is being laid on deaf ears, wasting his time....
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Chapter 5 Question - being neglected he might make the...

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