Behind the Success of the New England Patriots

Behind the Success of the New England Patriots - Nicholas...

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Nicholas Gowings Gowings 1 Professor Bradley English 100 6 February 2008 Behind the Success of the New England Patriots The New England Patriots over the last thirteen years have been the most successful franchise in the NFL. They have won three super bowls, six conference championships, and eleven divisional titles. But how have the once known “bottom dwellers” of the NFL accomplished as much, or more than the NFL’s oldest and historically greatest teams? The Patriot’s have built excellence in every aspect of their franchise. They boast the best and brightest at every position. From the owner of the team, to the individual player on the roster, the New England Patriots are built for success. Coaching. It is regarded as maybe the largest and most important piece to any franchise in professional football. And arguably, Bill Belichick, the head coach of the New England Patriots, will go down as the best coach in the history of the game. And why shouldn’t he? Belichick is the only coach in history to lead his team to three super bowl victories in a four year period. During his seven year tenure, the Patriots have captured all major winning streaks in NFL history: consecutive overall wins with 21 (’03-’04), consecutive regular season wins with 18 (’03-’04), and consecutive playoff wins with 10 (’03-’04). Belichick has led the New England Patriots to sustained on-field success through an instilled philosophy of maintaining short term focus to deliver long-term goals. He is the absolute model of consistency; finishing the last seven seasons with at least nine wins. You can also conceive that almost as a direct result, he is also the winningest coach during that span as well. Bill Belichick has been absolutely critical to this organizations success since his hire in 2000. In fact, some would say the success that the Patriots have had is solely dependent on this man, who in seven years,
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Gowings 2 brought this team from mediocrity to arguably the greatest franchise in the NFL’s storied existence. The fact that this man has been regarded in comparison to the likes of legends such as
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Behind the Success of the New England Patriots - Nicholas...

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