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South Africa outline

South Africa outline - Dutch-South Africa...

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GEOGRAPHY 1303 SOUTHERN AFRICA Physical Geography Kalahari Basin--Okavango Swamp--internal drainage Namib Desert--Skeleton Coast Drackensberg Mountains Rivers: Orange Limpopo Zambezi--Victoria Falls Natural Resource Regions Copperbelt of Zaire and Zambia Great Dyke of Zimbabwe (Copper) Witwatersrand (The Golden Arc) of South Africa Diamonds, gold, platinum, coal, iron (steel industry) Angola--Petroleum Namibia--Uranium European Influences Portuguese--Angola & Mozambique German--Namibia (gained independence from South Africa in 1990) British--Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa
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Unformatted text preview: Dutch--South Africa Afrikaners--descendents of Dutch settlers Agriculture Angola--coffee Mozambique--cashews, sugar, tea Malawi--sugar, tea, tobacco Zambia--tobacco, corn, peanuts Zimbabwe--cotton (cotton textile industry), tobacco, sugar South Africa--corn, wheat, peanuts, sugar, wine, wool, mutton, dairy products ostrich feathers Republic of South Africa Dutch (Afrikaners) & British Black South Africans (Zulu & Xhosa) Apartheid--ended 1994 Nelson Mandela (ANC) Thabo Mbeki...
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