Southeast Asia outline

Southeast Asia outline - Bay of Bengal, Andaman Sea, Indian...

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SOUTHEAST ASIA A. SHATTERBELT-- 1. PHYSICALLY Islands -Volcanics created most islands Active volcanoes Philippines-Mt Pinatubo erupted 1991 New Guinea Mainland 2. CULTURALLY A. PEOPLES Malay-original people Khmer-Cambodia Thai-Thailand Chinese Indians Muslims Europeans British, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, French Japanese-demanded complete subservience; thousands died building RR B. RELIGIONS Buddhism--Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia Islam--Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei Hinduism--Bali Christianity-Catholicism Philippines-85% (Spain) Vietnam-12% (France) C. ECONOMIC ASEAN--Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines 1995 Vietnam added 3. POLITICALLY Communism, Military Regimes, Republics C. WATER-ORIENTED REALM Internal transportation depends on inland waterways
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Unformatted text preview: Bay of Bengal, Andaman Sea, Indian Ocean Strait of Malacca South China Sea, Pacific Ocean, Arafura Sea CLIMATE 80-80 Climate A Climates--Tropical Rainforest & Tropical Monsoon Vegetation: Lush Forests & Jungle AGRICULTURE (Subsistence) Rice-Staple crop of every country Thailand & Vietnam are rice exporters Spices--pepper; cotton, tobacco, coffee, tea, sugar, coconuts, pineapple Rubber--smuggled from Brazil Hardwoods--teak, mahogany, rosewood MINERALS Tin--Mainland countries Petroleum--Islands Timber, Copper, Iron, Coal (Vietnam), Jade, Nickel INDUSTRY Very little heavy industry--Europeans did not want industry to develop--Coal and iron not in the same countries Primarily food & textile industries Assembly plants for Japanese & American companies Tourism COUNTRIES VIETNAM (elongated state) Domino Theory CAMBODIA (compact state) Khmer Rouge--Pol Pot LAOS MYANMAR (BURMA) MALAYSIA SINGAPORE (city state--Chinese) THAILAND PHILIPPINES INDONESIA BRUNEI...
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Southeast Asia outline - Bay of Bengal, Andaman Sea, Indian...

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