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Griner 1 Andrea Griner ENGL 1101/Sullivant 5 September 2006 It’s All Greek to Me I am an only child. I don’t have any real sisters, and now I don’t have any sorority “sisters” either. Not because I was really in-touch with myself and always knew the whole Greek thing was not for me, but because I de-pledged. The first week of August, I was one of 1300 girls who went through fall rush, or hell, as it is more commonly known. I spent a week getting up and ready while it was still dark out, meticulously applying my makeup so that I wasn’t wearing too much or too little, and arranging my hair perfectly. This was no speedy process, and I had to meet my Rush group at the ungodly hour of six thirty in the morning, which means I had to rise and shine around five. It was very important we be on time, although I’m still not exactly sure why punctuality was so crucial, as we were crammed on to the UGA buses like herds of cattle and dropped off at the houses a full hour before the day actually “began”. Why, you may be wondering, would someone go through this hell on earth, Rush, accept a bid to their first-choice sorority, take the t-shirt and other paraphernalia, only to mess up the sorority’s numbers by de- pledging? The answer hit me like a pillowcase full of pearls and high-heeled shoes in the middle of the Bid Day party. Not only is sorority life not for me, but I find it a little twisted all around. I was suddenly confused; wasn’t this what I wanted? Everyone else in my family has gone Greek, as well as all of my friends who went to college ahead of me. I honestly never thought about coming to UGA and not joining a sorority, but what an interesting concept! I wanted to ponder this new thought, let it roll around in my mind, but it was hard to concentrate over the squeals of my pledge class. Everyone was so damn excited and loud. I am not, by
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Griner 2 nature, a person who gets overly excited about anything, but I honestly didn’t have the energy on the first day of school and after Rush week to fight the crowd. I decided to muster up a little fake enthusiasm and just go with the flow for the rest of Bid Night. The next day, when I finally let myself entertain the thought of quitting, it seemed like
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paper1 - Griner 1 Andrea Griner ENGL 1101/Sullivant 5...

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