7 Baroque Art

7 Baroque Art - 2/6/2007 7:58:00 AM Spain and the Dutch...

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06/02/2007 07:58:00 Spain and the Dutch Republic (United Provinces, Holland, the Netherlands) 17 th century Velasquez- Las Meninas 1656 oil on canvas Velasquez o Court painter of Philip IV, King of Spain and Portugal Staunchly Catholic Wars with Holland, England, France o Serving his own interest in social mobility; artists can become members of the court through their artistry o Most of the work he did for the court was religious Las Meninas was one of the most important paintings in western art Portrait of the young girl in the center- Marguerite (daughter of Philip) who is a princess in the court o Shown with her “entourage” – dwarf lady and other ladies around her o Not as “tight” aw the pervious artists; looser paint stokes; tangibility of brush strokes o Almost a genre painting; seems to be about a specific and real moment in time o About the daily life of the princess; embedding her in daily life o He is reinventing this genre of painting; that you can capture someone in a singular moment o Skews this idea; makes it more about the whole environment o Part of the portrait of the princess is a self portrait of the painter
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Elaborate allegory about purity; princess in the foreground; mirror in the background—united to make this an allegory about purity Mirror in the background: reflection of Philip and his second wife o Becomes a painting about the depiction of the royal family o Representation of the power of the monarch because they are standing in the foreground as they are seen in their reflection About the act of painting a portrait o Velasquez stepping back from his pallet; painting the king and queen; gives us a representation of what he is painting
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7 Baroque Art - 2/6/2007 7:58:00 AM Spain and the Dutch...

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