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2.8.07 - 2 8 07 First exam is on Tuesday and no class on...

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2. 8. 07 First exam is on Tuesday, and no class on Thursday. Van Hook is teaching the next Tuesday. Dutch Baroque Art “The Golden Age” 17 th century Holland Colonization was big then, and Holland had spearheaded this Proto-democracy. Protestant. Open minded society. Tolerant. Highest literary rate in all of Europe. Canals are one of the most recognizable sights in Holland. Half of the country is below sea level. Pumping the water out of land and into the ocean. The people in New Orleans called on the Dutch after Katrina to get the water out. Jan Van Goyen, View of Leiden, 1650 (don’t need to know) - landscape. - Strong art buying public. Large middle class present. Houses are relatively modest in size, so the size of the paintings are not as large. - Iconoclasm. No religious art. - Holland is using art to define itself as a nation-state. - Celebrating the common land of the Dutch Republic. Jacob Van Ruisdael, Windmill at Wijk, c. 1665, oil on canvas - has a reality effect. Naturalistic. Embracing the world around them at the time. Celebrate the daily touchable world around them. - Created in a studio, from sketches done from life. - Things to delete from the landscape and things to emphasize. - The Windmill is almost greater than the land around it.
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- “God created the world, but the Dutch created Holland.” - The blades are a reference to the cross. The mill turned the grain which could represent the bread, like the bread that was broke over dinner with Jesus. - What to take out of the women? - Where the women were there was supposed to be a gate called the three women, but he choose to put actual women in the painting so that a large wall would not interrupt the painting.
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