Baroque Italy

Baroque Italy - Baroque Italy (Counter Reformation)q does...

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Baroque Italy (Counter Reformation)q does not aim for stability, wants something off balance, attractive, exciting, attracting emotion Italy and Flanders Counter Reformation: Catholic Church's response to the Protestant Reformation use art to draw people back to Catholicism Caravaggio, Conversion of St. Paul 1601 Oil on Canvas begins a style: Caravaggisty use of dramatic light (paints in a darkened room) shows us common citizens highlights the imperfections of common and everyday effective as a counter reformation tool because you want to see yourself in the paintings embrace ugly of everyday world to highlight Christianity meant to welcome the viewer and then he shows the miracle naturalism replaced symbolism Saul before conversion, on his way to Damascas to persecute Jesus knocked off horse and divine light blinds him, converts to Christianity divine light is like a spotlight rejects the idealism of High Renaissance art Peter Paul Rubens, The Miracles of St. Francis Xavier 1616-1617 Oil on canvas works in Flanders, Northern Europe
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Baroque Italy - Baroque Italy (Counter Reformation)q does...

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