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Baroque Italy 17th Century

Baroque Italy 17th Century - [Get notes from Feb 14th First...

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[Get notes from Feb. 14 th ] February 19, 2008 First part – scan tron (25 questions) – 50points Second Part – written 3 comparisons, artist and style and answer 2 questions, 10 short question Zurbaran, St. Serapion 1628, L inear- strong, sharp contours; black background, very simple composition, very detail in face and robe, and the light connects to something divine *Garden of Love 1630-632 , - allegory of love, - Rubenis- a women with a little bit of meat on there bones Anthony Van Dyck, Charles I at the Hunt 1635 , king is very full of himself, as you can see in his pose and clothes,
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full length portrait Difference between Dutch and Flander? Dutch (Holland) – protestant, republic (democratic country), wealthy, Flanders – Catholic, under role of spain (aristocratic country) Ter Brugghen, Saint Sebastian tended by Saint Irene, 1625 **Caravaggio style seen – tenabrision (dramatic use of chiaroscuro) Franz Hals, Catharina Hooft and her Nurse, c. 1620 Officers of the Haarlem Militia, c. 1627 - Expression is lively and in the moment - Technique: you can see brush strokes up close and almost looks unfinished.
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