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Extra Credit for Art Class

Extra Credit for Art Class - look like a workman and...

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Heather Leeper PID: 904423445 February 21,2008 Extra Credit #1 Throughout the history of art the biblical story of Adam and Eve has been depicted many ways. Two significant variations of Adam and Eve are from the Northern and Italian Early Renaissance. These include Van Eyck’s The Ghent Altarpiece (18-11), and Masaccio’s The Expulsion from Paradise (19-20). Their differences stem from their origin of the North and South. The Ghent Altarpiece shows an immense amount of realism, where The Expulsion from Paradise focuses more on humanism. They also differ in types of medium, color, mood, and movement used. Yet they both exemplify the depiction of Adam and Eve being naked. The inventor of oil painting, Van Eyck’s depicted a great deal of detail in his Ghent Altarpiece . The use of oil painting creates for brighter colors and the ability to show Realism, showing every detail of the human body. Including, Adam’s red face to
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Unformatted text preview: look like a workman and Eve’s representation of Northern beauty: small breasted, shaved forehead, and large stomach. Differing, Masaccio focused more on light casting shadows on the body masses. The Expulsion uses a media called Fresco (painted on wet plaster). As noted in the south, Masaccio explores more drama and movement through humanism and the depiction of shame. He explores the movement of Adam and Eve throughout the space, using Contrapposto (weight shift). Van Eyck depicts a more clam feeling, with little movement; this is very influential of the north. Despite their differences, both artists agree that Adam and Eve should be portrayed naked, opposed to nude to interpret some level of shame or guilt as interpreted in the Bible. As stated before, the main reason for their differences is their origin, which is exemplified through color, movement, medium, and mood....
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