March 25 - Art of Africa in Modern Era First term in each...

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Art of Africa in Modern Era - First term in each phrase is an ethnic group - From 6th-7th century, N. Africa primarily Islamic - West coast—lots of trading, Islamic influence also - East coast—trade with Arabian peninsula and as far away as China - 17th Century—Dutch empire in South Africa, Portugese in West Africa, British - Modern boundaries of countries of Africa were determined by European decision—problematic Cultures we look at have survived a long time. Now, politics are modernized.   Dogon dama Masks for the Dama festival A “second funeral” Every 12-13 years a funeral for everyone who has died since the last Dama—final transition of those people to the afterlife. Shows theme of importance of ancestry. Believe in various spirits that live in the community with people. Mask interpretation: - Rabbit masks - Kanaga masks - represent a lizard, woman, bird? -Representing the spirit; people lose their own identity and represent the spirit of the mask—each one plays a different role in the afterlife.   -Now, performances also put on for tourists more frequently. - Sirade masks —tall masks, house of many stories one generation of ancestors on top of another, history   -Live in cliffs with fields below for growing food; many granaries—square with cut in the middle, allowing ancestors to decend from the sky -Many layers of symbolism in their architecture -Organic appearance; fit into the cliff - House of the Hogan (spiritual leader; most revered priest) Wall Relief : Snake represents spirit of fertility, growth Figure on a horse represents Hogan (horse = wealth)  
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March 25 - Art of Africa in Modern Era First term in each...

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