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Required Terms - Italian High Renaissance and Mannerism...

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Italian High Renaissance and Mannerism: Leonardo Last Supper Pontormo Entombment Required Terms 14     th     Century     Fresco:   a painting technique in which water based pigments are applied to a surface of wet plaster (called buon fresco). The color is absorbed by the plaster, becoming a permanent part of the wall.   Gesso: a ground made from glue, gypsum, and/or chalk forming the ground of a wood panel or the priming layer of a canvas. Provides a smooth surface for painting. Modeling:  In a painting, the process of creating the illusion of 3-D to a 2-D surface by use of light and shade. In sculpture, the process of modeling a 3-D form out of a malleable substance. Dome:  A round vault usually over a circular space. Consists of a curved masonry vault of shapes and cross sections that can vary from hemispherical to bulbous to ovodial. Relief:  (sculpture) a 3-D image or design whose flat background surface is carved away below the original surface of the background, which is not cut away.   Register:  a device used in systems of spatial definition. In painting, a register indicates the use of differing groundlines to differentiate layers of space within an image. In sculpture, the placement of self-contained bands of reliefs in a vertical arrangement. Manuscript: 
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Required Terms - Italian High Renaissance and Mannerism...

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