Love in infant monkeys

Love in infant monkeys - I do believe though that infants...

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Kayla Jones 905247523 CRN: 14830 Feb. 12, 2008 4-4:50 Love in Infant monkeys 1. The reason why the infant monkeys preferred the cloth monkey as opposed to the wire monkey, is because the resembled a real mother and the wire monkey did not provide the same comfort. Dr. Van Wagenen stated that humans have similar behaviors with objects such as blankets and stuffed animals. 2. The love in human infants starts off in more of a need rather than a want. They are dependant on their mothers to survive and because of all their love and care they grow a bond. I don’t know if this can be scientifically defined, and some might think that monkeys don’t have the same ability to love as humans do.
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Unformatted text preview: I do believe though that infants have an immediate attraction to those who provide for them. 3. When the monkeys were presented with an unfamiliar object they immediately ran to their cloth mothers for comfort. After they felt safe from the interactions with their “cloth mother” they built up the courage to explore. Infant humans react in similar ways and seek their mother for comfort in stressful situations. 4. Monkeys responses can be observed and evaluated with precision 10 days after birth. Human infants don’t develop until a good amount of time afterwards. By the time the human infants would be mature enough to observe, they wouldn’t be an infant anymore....
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