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how to teach animals - to achieve a specific behavior...

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Kayla Jones 905247523 CRN: 14830 March 11, 2008 1. The steps posed by Skinner to begin teaching an animal are a. Choose your subject ex: cat, dog, rabbit, pig b. Establish a positive and negative reinforcement ex: food as a positive reinforcement and turning off the light as a negative one c. Establish a reinforcer; something that is performed that in return signals the subject to perform a behavior such as the cricket in the experiments we read about 2. Certain characteristics necessary for reinforcers to be effective are something easily recognized and quick to do. It has to be easily heard and seen; a simple wave of the hand would not work. Examples of primary reinforcers are food, water, warmth, physical activity, and sexual gratification. 3. A cricket is a convenient signal that makes a high pitch noise. This is used as a conditioned reinforcer that is paired with a reward/reinforcement
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Unformatted text preview: to achieve a specific behavior. Examples of effective secondary reinforcers are things like praise, rewards, money, treats, and other special things that are not received on a daily basis. 4. Yes we do reinforce undesired behaviors like an example stated in the book how mothers don’t really pay as much attention to their babies until they start to raise their voice. They in return make loud annoying noises and screams in order to get their mother’s attention and the mother’s respond. Another way I think American families reinforce undesired behaviors are when families watch tv shows like The Simpsons, Family Guy, and shows that show negative behaviors and the children imitate them. As funny as the shows are, it isn’t a good program show especially for younger children who don’t realize the difference between certain bad behaviors and others....
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