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nose - without it food tastes bland Scents also play a role...

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Kayla Jones 905247523 CRN: 14830 Feb. 5, 2008 4-4:50 Are We Led By the Nose? 1. Olfactory neurons are not hard wired like many other sensory neurons. Olfactory nerves are the only nerves in the body capable of rebirth. According to some neuroscientists, there is specific neuronal activity for each odor. 2. With age a person’s ability to smell decreases according to studies done with scratch-and-sniff tests. It showed that people over 65 had such bad scent that they were almost anosmic. These tests also showed that females had significantly better sense of smell than males. Severe head trauma, influenza, brain tumors, allergies, and Alzheimer’s can also hinder the ability to smell. 3. Smell has an amazing influence on humans, and not just from the scent of a flower. For instance with eating, aromas of food help taste intensify and
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Unformatted text preview: without it, food tastes bland. Scents also play a role in bed; studies find that anosmic people have a decreased sex-drive. Scents also trigger memories of specific people, events, and past-times. 4. If I had to live without one of my senses it would be my sense of taste. Sight, hearing, and touch were no brainers to keep, and everything I just learned about smell made me realize how important that was as well. As much as I appreciate taste, it could also work to my advantage by not having it. I am a very picky eater and if I didn’t have my sense of taste than I could eat anything and it wouldn’t taste like a thing. Eating healthy and eating junk food wouldn’t make a difference; so it would be a nice diet!...
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