GEN_CHEM_7-KINETICS_&_RX_RATES-2007-WEB - Topic 7: Kinetics...

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Unformatted text preview: Topic 7: Kinetics and React ion Rat es Obj ect ives: By t he end of t his t opic, you should: 1. be f amiliar wit h t he concept s of kinet ic and pot ent ial ener gy. 2. under st and t he concept of act ivat ion ener gy, and t he ener gy needed t o complet e a chemical r eact ion. 3. under st and t he t er ms exot her mic and endot her mic, and be able t o cor r elat e t hem wit h heat f low bet ween a syst em and it s sur r oundings. 4. be able t o wr it e t he r eact ion r at e expr ession f or a simple r eact ion. 5. under st and t he ef f ect s of t emper at ur e, concent r at ions and cat alyst s on r eact ion r at es. Suggest ed r eading: DTC, Chapt er 7, pp. 207-225 Homewor k pr oblems: 7.33, 7.34, 7.59, 7.60, 7.67, 7.71, 7.72, 7.74 Note: We will begin this topic on Friday, Aug. 31 and finish it on Wednesday, Sept. 5. Bring these slides to class on Friday Kinetics and reaction rates For a chemical Rx to take place, molecules of the reactants must contact each other (collide) with enough energy to react and form new bonds . If molecules collide with enough energy to break existing bonds and form new bonds, the chemical Rx will occur. Activation Energy – energy required to break existing bonds and/or form new ones (allow the Rx to take place) If collision energy is less than activation energy, molecules bounce apart without reacting. Kinetics is the study of the rate (speed) at which chemical Rx occur. All molecules, ions, and atoms are constantly in motion (except at absolute zero). They move around and collide with each other and with other particles. As an example, consider the reaction of carbon...
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GEN_CHEM_7-KINETICS_&_RX_RATES-2007-WEB - Topic 7: Kinetics...

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