Exam 2 Review - I Ftf Communication A Symbolic Marker 1 how we represent ourselves 2 our clothes say something about us 3 unintentional part of

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I. Ftf Communication A. Symbolic Marker 1. how we represent ourselves 2. our clothes say something about us 3. unintentional part of communication B. BRGing 1.Basking in Reflective Glory a. based on positive identification (bad association = don't wear it) b. we win a FB game --> more PSU gear c. we lose a FB gae --> less PSU gear d. after 9/11, everyone wore I <3 NY Shirts II. Identity A. Traditional vew on identity 2. Don't establsih identity until adolescence 3. We have the same identity forever B. Contemporary 2. Multiple Identities a. people take on diffrent identities thru life b. we find ways to represent them in the world c. depending on situation, we act different ways III. Who Am I? A. Identity 1. Personal: how we define ourselves 2.Social: how other people define us ; how others have impressions of us a. The Lookinig Glass Self (Charles Cooley): as we interact w/others, how others react will help us define ourselves B. Identity Construction 1. Identity is something we construct w/other people C. Why is identity important? 1. It distinguishes us from other people A. Implicationns for traditional identity views 1. B/c we are over exposed & stimulated by online aterial, we may nver be able to develop a cohesive identity. itis hard to be coesive w/so much going on 2. Too many things to do & people to talk to --> hard to develop an identity B. Implications for contemporary identity views 1. online, we can be what we want to be 2. more freedom to construct who we are online V. Identity & CMC
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A. Technologies of the self 1. Myspace a. vomit info about ourselves b. we can transform how others see us 2. Blogs a. blogs represent us, are more focussed b. allows us to represent us c. goo way to show the world our idetity d. new resources to identify ourselves A. might be particularly important for stigmatized beliefs 1. Homosexuality 2. Fringe political beliefs B. Could also benefit groups that are normally socially stigmatized 1. People w/disfiurng diseases (embaressing) or sigatized diseases (AIDS) 2. For these groups, it can be a relly important part of their lives & cant't replace it C. Could hurt them more 1. +4000 websites for racial hatred; other bad stuff 2. a venues for expressing hatred D. Race issues disappear E. Grup norms should exert a strong influence on people VII. Self Management: Communication Imperative A. Human are social creatures B. Commuication is the basis for our social interactions D. Create new ways to deal w/technology to maximized satisfaction E. People use internet to show important aspects of their identity
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Exam 2 Review - I Ftf Communication A Symbolic Marker 1 how we represent ourselves 2 our clothes say something about us 3 unintentional part of

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