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chapter 5 - T Stenger PSY 129 Name_Korey Bastian...

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T. Stenger PSY 129 Name ___Korey Bastian______________ Date: __October 2, 2007____________ Reading ______Chapter 5___________ Reading Assignment Summary Sheet After you have completed this week’s reading assignment, list the 3 or 4 most important concepts or ideas of the reading. Start with what you consider the most important and move to the less important. You may also append or use graphics to supplement your summary. As part of your description of the concept or idea you may also wish to include an example. 1. Circadian rhythms affect most of the population though not many seem to know about them or their affects. Circadian rhythm is a 24-hour biological clock that allows for the body to increase the quality of sleep and other bodily functions while keeping them on a regular schedule. This is where the idea of jet lag comes in. The body has a biological clock that does not account for physical movement, but when moving through time zones, the clocks change though the biological clocks do not, which is where problems arise and often leaves people tired and irritable. These circadian rhythms can be the cause
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