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T. Stenger PSY 129 Name ______Korey Bastian_________ Date: ____September 26, 2007_________ Reading ___Chapter 4_______________ Reading Assignment Summary Sheet After you have completed this week’s reading assignment, list the 3 or 4 most important concepts or ideas of the reading. Start with what you consider the most important and move to the less important. You may also append or use graphics to supplement your summary. As part of your description of the concept or idea you may also wish to include an example. 1. Vision and its connection to the brain is one of the most significant points in chapter four because even with the ability to see, if we could not comprehend and realize what it is we are seeing, it would not be a helpful sense. The particular arrangement of optic nerves and axons allow for sensory input from both eyes to be interpreted by both brain hemispheres. The eye is solely a pathway for light to be interpreted by the brain and have meaning therefore established.
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