The vision of - The purpose of religion is to answer the...

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The purpose of religion is to answer the great questions of life in order to try to give greater meaning to the lives that we live . Every religious tradition has their own worldview in order to answer these questions . In order to relate to the worldview of another tradition, one must see that all worldviews answer the same questions . Although the questions are the same the answers to these questions vary greatly and so the task of understanding is not always an easy one . The vision of “the everything” in each religion that we have studied gives definition to the worldview of that particular belief . In Taoism, the conception of the divine comes through the mysterious reality of nature which is Tao . Tao is the force behind the flow of the universe, the flow of nature, and the flow of the world . Wu Wei describes the human relationship to the divine and nature which are one . Wu wei literally means effortlessness . This recommendation on how to live comes from nature’s example because “nature works to accomplish only what is necessary, but no more . ” The ultimate conception of reality that is made use of in Taoism is that divinity is all around us, that it permeates nature and all the actions we do . The Tao is seen as the embodiment of the everything, but it is impossible to define the Tao . "It cannot be perceived directly but rather by intuition," says Malloy . As Tao has no form, it cannot be named, but "the Tao Te Ching says the Tao is the origin of everything and that all individuals are manifestations of the Tao . " The Tao is the force
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with which anything happens and this emphasizes the "inevitability of change and the relativity of all human judgments . " Zhuangzi's story of dreaming about being a butterfly makes a good example to try and explain it . Zhuangzi says "Am I a person dreaming I am a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming I am a person?" If Tao is the origin of everything and
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The vision of - The purpose of religion is to answer the...

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