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Bryan McCarthy 3/26/08 Topic Proposal 1 For my civic issues speech, I will talk about the topic of the Olympics in Beijing this summer. I propose that we should completely boycott the entire production. After all, why would we positively reinforce this country by our economic influence despite all of its human rights abuses. Although it is an enormous country, it is one of the new world powers and must be held responsible for the actions it has taken. This being said, our own country has significant ground to make up for in the way the world views us. The only way we truly can be the best country in the world as so many people have said, is to be conscious and look out for the interests of the little man. The people that no one else stands up for. We have not done this yet, but without question it must be done. I will
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Unformatted text preview: adjust my speech to fit the time guidelines. As for the audience and occasion, I feel people are ready to listen about this problem and ready to take action about it. I will use wording that will bring my audience together as Americans. The thesis that I will advance is that in being the most powerful country in the world we have a responsibility to ensure freedom everywhere. If we do not, a frightful future is assuredly ahead of us. I will use many sources and feel that hopefully I will learn a lot that I am unaware of. I will research China’s developments in terms of human rights as well as developments in the United States. I will also research how the Olympics have brought about political change....
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