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Bryan McCarthy Chapter 1 journal People use religion to try and understand life, because answering the question of why we are here is very hard to do. Religion can tell us what created us, why we are here, and can bring a lot of meaning to ones life. People gather together in churches to celebrate what we are unsure of and that helps us feel comforted in that we are not alone here on this world. Religion is the belief in a higher power, that we are not merely living
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Unformatted text preview: because of coincidence. Most religions have a God or gods, rituals, prayer or insight on the higher power and a code of virtues to live by. Religion expresses truth through symbolism because symbols are ordinary and concrete. This allows symbols to give us deeper meaning into whatever we believe. It is important to understand religion because it is very influential. To understand another religion is to be able to see the world through someone elses shoes....
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