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Bryan McCarthy Biol109L 2/14/07 1. Use a cork borer to cut potato cylinders as human cell models. Make 5 plugs for each replication. 2. Use distilled water as well as different solutions of the sports drink. 3. Put the plugs in 250 ml beakers filled with known measured amounts of the solutions 3%, 5% and 10%, and also distilled water (0%). Place these beakers in the temp chamber set at 37 degrees to represent body temperature. 4. Use a 10 minutes equilibration period, make sure they are at least 2/3rds full, and
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Unformatted text preview: label them with a wax pencil. 5. Immerse the plugs for 45 minutes so note the time. Stir the solutions every 10 minutes using a clean stirrer. 6. At the end of the 45 minutes, remove them from the solutions, blot and weigh them individually Hypotheses: The solutions with less sugar concentration will be absorbed most into the potato cores, imitating hydration....
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