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Bryan McCarthy 3/25/08 Topic Proposal The general topic I will speak on in my text analysis speech is the American University commencement speech given by John F. Kennedy in 1963. He gave this speech in an attempt to bring about a change in our conflict with the Russia and change the way that countries defended themselves. Instead of stockpiling weaponry, he wanted to get people talking. He wanted to bring about a world without worries of nuclear war, and that started with this speech. This was a significant speech because it was the first step Kennedy took to repair bridges burned with Russia. His speech was meant to inspire peace and it allowed healing from past differences between these two countries. I will try and give the audience a gist of the historical reference that this speech was given in and also will try to explain its purpose. The manuscript of this speech
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Unformatted text preview: easy to find, on many different sources in the internet, but I will take it from Americanrhetoric.com. The thesis I will likely advance in my speech is that a speech can be a huge influence to an audience when the speaker is trying to advance the greater good. For a conclusion, I believe that John F Kennedys choice of wording really helped captivate his audience because it applies to all people. He had a certain quality also to be able to incite action from his audience. I plan on researching many different types of resources. Historical references will allow me to give insight about the times the speech was given in. Other rhetorical analyses will enhance my speech through their insight. JFK spoke to a collegiate audience as will I be in this speech and references on how to speak to this kind of audience will allow me to understand why JFK said what he did....
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