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TOPIC 5 - iii Most Americans belong to or are closely...

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TOPIC 5 INTEREST GROUPS I. The general nature of interest groups a. Definition: A formal organization of persons who i. Share common attitudes (or interests) on some matter, and ii. Make demands on others in society to promote or protect that matter iii. Not all groups are “interest” groups – emphasis on shared attitude or interest b. Interest group goals i. Pursue new benefits to promote group interests ii. Defend existing benefits to protect group interests iii. More effective on #2 – conservative force II. Interest group formation and membership a. Why are there interest groups? i. First amendment freedoms of association and speech ii. A type of political participation
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Unformatted text preview: iii. Most Americans belong to or are closely associate with some interest group b. Why do people form and join interest groups? i. Material benefits ii. Solidary benefits iii. Purposive benefits 1. The feelings that someone gets for doing something good to help someone else iv. based on a theoretical assumption that people engage in collective action because it is rational to do so c. What is rational? i. Maximize benefits, minimize costs ii. Thus people form and join interest groups when the benefits exceed the costs (time, money, effort) d. Public goods and the free rider problem e....
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